The message behind 4th & Orange’s “Girl Next Door”
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  • Post published:08/06/2021
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Hailing all the way from Southern California, the new pop-reggae music group 4th & Orange is taking this summer by storm. Just last week, the group debuted the visual for their song “Girl Next Door,” and it’s already become a hit. Here we dive into the inspiration for the song, the visuals, and what else we can expect for the emerging group for the rest of the year.

The fun music video directly matches the energy of the quirky and light-hearted song. From including shots of the band having an authentic music session in a living room to being transparent about all the crazy actions one may take when trying to impress someone they like, the “Girl Next Door” music video is funny yet relatable for many of us.

The lead singer of 4th & Orange, Garrett Douglas, tells us that the inspiration for the song came from an apartment he lived in about 3 years ago. “Even though it wasn’t in the best neighborhood, it was a nice complex with an elevator and mailbox room in the lobby. It was basically laid out for me to write a story about. I’m a writer and sometimes we just start making sh*t up that feels good. This was that occasion,” he explains. As far as the visuals,  Director Mike Garcia worked in collaboration with 4th & Orange to utilize the lyrics of the song as a guideline throughout the entire process. “Every line was [a script] for what was supposed to be seen on camera. That plus a few clever twists at the end that [Mike] threw in was all we needed to get it done. He’s an awesome capturer and I couldn’t be happier with the way he put a visual to the words,” Douglass shares. 

With the “Girl Next Door” video racking up nearly 1.5  million views on YouTube, 4th & Orange is already having a good start to their music career. For the rest of 2019, we can look forward to the group engaging with fans and providing us with even more music, hopefully sooner than we think.

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