IDM Pioneer Aphex Twin Adds Three Previously Unreleased and Reworked Tracks To Online Store
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  • Post published:20/05/2021
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In a unexpected announcement, Richard David James; better known as the experimental, boundary-breaking and dynamic IDM musician Aphex Twin has released three re-worked tracks onto his online store in the section entitled Drukqs. After releasing an eclectic, innovative new EP this year showcasing the musicians ever-evolving ability to playfully, yet skillfully mold and sculpt all types of timbres and textures woven intricately within his sound with a distinct personality. The reworks of three tracks from James’s 2001’s fifth album Drukqs consist of two separate interpretations of the track ‘Avril 14th.‘ with one track being described as “A Half Speed Alternative Version” and the other “Reversed Music Not Audio” in true Aphex Twin cryptic-style fashion; encompassing the personality of his ever mysterious moniker.

The third track entitled ‘Mangle 11‘ is what James’s has called a new track, yet it has been pointed out via a Reddit user that the track sounds very similar to a release James’s showcased on 2003’s Rephlex Compilation. Regardless, fans are always eager to indulge in Aphex Twin’s unique phantasmagoria and even re-worked tracks are an exciting addition to the massive catalog of ever immersive creations by the famed musician.

Listen to the original tracks below: stream and purchase the three new tracks on Aphex Twin’s official website

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