Classic Matthew Herbert Series of EPs From the 90’s to be Rereleased
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  • Post published:20/05/2021
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Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

The prolific Matthew Herbert is well-known for his work during the mid-1990’s, when he released a collection of recordings that incorporated dance beats, sounds generated by everyday kitchen objects and recorded vocals. It wasn’t long before this experimental electronic musician’s work was noticed by other important artists during that time and Herbert found himself collaborating with an impressive list of musicians including Moloko, Ennio Morricone, Quincy Jones, PUZZLE, Björk, REM, Perry Farrell, Serge Gainsbourg, Yoko Ono, John Cale, The Avalanches and Cornelius. Herbert’s unique experimental style is praised the world over and the artist even has his own self-written music manifesto, in which he has written one of the the rules: “The use of sounds that exist already is not allowed.”

From 1995 to 1996, Herbert released five 12” recordings in five instalments, titled ‘Part One’, ‘Part Two’, ‘Part Three’, ‘Part Four’ and ‘Part Five’, respectively. These records featured some of Herbert‘s most famous dance tracks and it will be the first time that the EPs have ever been released since their original pressing. The Parts series will be released through Accidental Jnr, an imprint of Herbert‘s main Accidental label that focuses on purely dance music and is an exciting moment for the history of electronic music.

Listen to Matthew Herbert’s track ‘Butt Head’ taken from the ‘Part Five’ EP.

‘Part One’ Tracklist:
A1. ‘Rude’
A2. ‘OO Licky’
B1. ‘See You Monday’
Release Date: August 12

‘Part Two’ Tracklist:
A1. ‘Deeper’
B2. ‘Non-Stop’
B3. ‘Shuffler’
Release Date: August 24

‘Part Three’ Tracklist:
A1. ‘Butt-Head’
B2. ‘People That Make The Music’
B3. ‘Thinking Of You’
Release Date: September 7

‘Part Four’ Tracklist:
A1. ‘Pen’
A2. ‘Pump’
B1. ‘Take Me Back’
B2. ‘Resident’
Release Date: September 21

‘Part Five’ Tracklist:
A1. ‘Move It’
A2. ‘Our Love (Has Got Me Movin’)
B1. ‘UK Spring’
B2. ‘Love The DJ’
Release Date: October 5


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