Brooklyn’s Ok Cowgirl’s debut outing Not My First Rodeo is them honing in on the delicate emotions
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  • Post published:20/12/2021
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Ok Cowgirl are the latest addition to the musical scene honouring ethereal settings which conjure those deep gaze daydreams, always treasuring a longing romanticism twisted amongst their songs. Yet this doesn’t prevent them from having conflicting emotions.

“Her Eyes” brings a beautiful contrast to life between the desperation of a first infatuation and the adoration that stems from that, because although this feeling brings an overload of happiness, somehow, somewhere the sadness still seeps through. On “Across the Room”, the delicateness of Lavigne’s voice is ever-apparent, which blends in perfectly with the occasional up-tempo beats and the pop-like riffs that give the track a dance feel.

Ok Cowgirl’s first effort tells the stories of infatuation, heartbreak and self-realisation in loneliness and sadness. Finding a relatability, Not My First Rodeo‘s vulnerable honesty and rawness makes it a piece of art that is an entirely unique presence in a relatable field.

Leaving their most cinematic song for last, as the EP closes “Roadtrip (Till the End of Time)” begins and lays out the opening scene of an indie movie as the main character is feeling lost and drives along an open highway with just the wood-like surroundings comforting them. Finally proving that this is just the start to their continuing existence, allowing us to join them for the ride.

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